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– Marcus                              t:@themarcuswoodcpt-profile

Disruptive voice of the Can’t Pause This podcast and disruptive interviewer/hassler of more talented people, he focuses mainly on Movies, Television and Pro Wrestling. Before taking his CPT vows, he travelled the UK Comic Con circuit selling comics and you may still see him at one for CPT so say hi if you do and if you’re lucky he might tell you why Angel is one of the best TV shows ever. Whether you want him to or not….

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– George

Workaholic, gamerholic and alcoholic are probably the best ways to describe him. Brought up by PC gaming, in a Lucas Arts fanboy bubble, And the kind of guy who likes the Star Wars prequels.

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– Jodie11201624_10205199979093386_3493701951007075659_n

Full time cat enthusiast, part time pasta eater. Watcher of bad horror movies and too many TV shows. Usually found in her natural habitat of PJs and blankets.

See also: Video gamer, Potterhead, Swiftie, Caffeine addict.

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