Steve Plays Outlast #1

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Top Five Xbox One Indie Games of 2016

Every year we all take the time to reflect back on what the past 365 days have brought us, and 2016 was no different. Here at Can’t Pause This, we voiced our collective (and differing) opinions on the years’ best games, TV, movies, and even wrestling. But for all the discussion and fanfare of those…

Final Fantasy XV – First Impressions

There is no doubt that Final Fantasy is one of the greatest series in gaming. From pixel beginnings to hair that Treseme would be jealous of, it has shaped much of the gaming world and has hit hard as a JRPG powerhouse for as long as I can remember. I have written before on how Final…

Xbox One – A Backwards Compatible Top Five.

With next generation gaming systems firmly entrenched underneath most of our television sets after a three year tenure, previous generation consoles have mostly been cast aside for either an Xbox One,  PlayStation 4, PC gaming rig, Nintendo’s Wii U (in comparitively small numbers admittedly) or a varying combination of the above. In this article I…

Look behind you… A THREE-HEADED MONKEY!

Okay I lied there isn’t, but it would have been cool right? No? Oh… I suppose had best get on with the article then. Deep in the Caribbean, a young man sets out for a life of adventure and glory as the mightiest Pirate in the Caribbean… his name… …Guybrush Threepwood. That’s right folks we’re…

“Don’t Shoot! I’m a human” – A Resident Evil Retrospective.

I don’t care what you say, if the constant stalking of Jill Valentine by the seemingly unstoppable and ever-present Nemesis didn’t get your heart beating a flutter, then quite simply you aren’t actually a human being and likely share more in common with a zombie than most.

Indie Game Spotlight – Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a lovingly crafted homage to the 16- bit classics of our childhoods. It presents us with a play-style so seeped in nostalgia that you find yourself breathless as you play; completely encapsulated by the dreamlike landscapes and violent, erratic monsters infesting the world. The games developer, Alex Preston of Heart Machine,…

Sega Mega Memories – Top 5

Following its launch period and the subsequent years thereafter, a number of stellar titles found their way to the Mega Drive over it’s seven year tenure, a tenure which held so many fond memories and unrivaled nostalgia for both myself and many other like-minded Sega supporters.

Tomb-tastic in Retrospect?

At the time of release many people; myself included, declared Tomb Raider 3 to be the absolute in video gaming “it doesn’t get better than this” I could hear myself saying as I loaded up that first level.

Dawn of the Dead!

Zombies Ate My Neighbours / Zombies Developer: Konami Publisher: Lucasarts UK Release: January 1994 Format: Super Nintendo / Sega Mega Drive The concept of a Zombie has become a cultural phenomenon over the years; this is mainly in part to popular media such as the Walking Dead series of comic books and TV shows, horror…

Vehicular Carnage in a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

For a game fifteen years old, Star Wars: Demolition does hold up fairly well graphically. Vehicles look clean and crisp with a good amount of detail; especially the Dreamcast version.