Switching Things Up a Bit.

It’s safe to say that I’ve procrastinated somewhat in developing content to showcase my thoughts of the latest Nintendo console – the Nintendo Switch. Having now owned the console and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since release on the March 3rd I now feel that I am in a…

Nintendo Switch Announcement Recap and First Impressions.

Nintendo’s long awaited console, the Nintendo Switch, finally has a release date of March 3rd. Along side this rapidly approaching date, we learnt some new information about the console, which games and studios will be featured, along with a bigger look into the workings of the console, and – as always – some general Nintendo…

Wii Emulator!

If you’ve ever dreamt of playing Wii games on something that isn’t a Wii, this is it!

Sega Mega Memories – Top 5

Following its launch period and the subsequent years thereafter, a number of stellar titles found their way to the Mega Drive over it’s seven year tenure, a tenure which held so many fond memories and unrivaled nostalgia for both myself and many other like-minded Sega supporters.

Dawn of the Dead!

Zombies Ate My Neighbours / Zombies Developer: Konami Publisher: Lucasarts UK Release: January 1994 Format: Super Nintendo / Sega Mega Drive The concept of a Zombie has become a cultural phenomenon over the years; this is mainly in part to popular media such as the Walking Dead series of comic books and TV shows, horror…