Comics with The Gamma Dames


The world of Comics can sometimes appear inaccessible and a bit bewildering, with the variety and shear amount of material out there. Fortunately we have Comic Podcasters, The Gamma Dames to help guide us through and find the gems in the rough. Can’t Pause This caught up with two thirds of the Dames, Sarah and Holly, to find out what their comic picks are.

Firstly, what got you into comics?

S: The art! My first comic was Batman Black and White, with the Jim Lee cover. It’s really beautiful. After that, I discovered Lee Bermejo’s work and I fell HARD.

H: My Dad!

What’s been your favourite story arc/graphic novel you’ve read?

S: My favourite book is ‘Joker’ by Azzarello and Bermejo. My favourite story arc is Batman: Knightfall.

H: Ever? That’s really tough! Deadly Class is still ongoing, that’s definitely up there. As is the most recent Lemire run of Moon Knight. Batman Hush is exceptional too. And the first arc of All New Ghost Rider.

What should people be reading right now?

S: Black Monday Murders! It’s a really great book, the 1st volume is available in trade now, and the 2nd volume hasn’t begun yet.

H: Moon Knight! Man-Thing! Deadly Class! Headlopper! Gotham Academy!

Anything you’re looking forward to this year in comics?

S: This year I’m really looking forward to seeing Stjepan Sejic do some work on Aquaman! His art is stunning, and the pieces he has posted on his social media look awesome!

H: Everything! There’s so much good stuff coming! I’m eager to see how Marvel’s Secret Empire plays out too. Also Brenden Fletcher’s Isola.

If you could only pick one publisher’s work to read, which would it be?

S: This is a tough one! So many publishers have some amazing titles. I really want to say Image, but I’m going to have to say DC because they were my first love.

H: Either Image or Marvel.

For more of the Gamma Dames check out their podcast on YouTube and follow them on Twitter @TheGammaDames.


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