Interview: Martin Dixon


The 1990’s and specifically the Monday Night Wars is one of the best and most popular periods in the history of Professional Wrestling and is the focus of Martin Dixon’s recently released e-book Wrestling In The Clinton Years: The Road To Hollywood. I got to ask Martin a few questions about his book and why we should take a trip back to Wrestling’s last heyday.

CPT: What is your book about?

MD: The book is a collection of blog posts for where for the first time, I watched episodes of WCW Monday Nitro in 1996, from January to July specifically, encompassing the run up to the formation of the nWo and the beginning of WCW’s ascent to mainstream wrestling dominance.

CPT: Why did you choose this particular period of time to write about?
MD: This time period of wrestling had always been fascinating to me. I originally stopped watching any wrestling during the day-glo New Generation period of the mid 1990s and only returning many years later to see a completely different landscape. I was curious to see how it happened and if the history matches up to the WWE version of events they tell these days. History is written by the winners, after all.
CPT: Were there any other books or pieces of work that influenced you on this?
MD: I’ve often stated in the blog how I was greatly influenced by/ stole the idea from’s What a Manoeuvre podcast. Whereas theirs was an audio podcast however, I chose the written approach.  This all came full circle in 2015 when I got to guest on an episode that I’m still incredibly proud of.
CPT: What is it about Pro Wrestling that makes for such good subject matter do you think?
MD: I think wrestling makes for a great subject matter because often the stories behind what happens on screen are more interesting than what we see. The recent openness of a once fastidiously secretive world has created a “cottage industry” of shoot interviews, wrestler fronted podcasts and autobiographies. The sheer volume of content both historic and modern thanks to internet distribution services have also allowed fans like me to find a subject, build a project and find an audience for it all with relative ease.
The book, Wrestling in the Clinton Years: The Road to Hollywood is available now through Amazon and can be found at:

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