After The Weekend- Wrestlemania 33

The dust has settled on another Wrestlemania and after a busy weekend of debuts, returns and final appearances it’s time to have a think about Wrestlemania 33 and the events around it. Joining me in sorting through it is Model, Musician and Pro Wrestling fan, Vanessa Wedge.
Did you think Wrestlemania 33 was a good show?
VW: Over all, I think Wrestlemania 33 was a great show. I was extremely apprehensive going in. The card was full of matches I just didn’t want. Since I am so invested in watching WWE, I had so many better ideas for the booking but don’t we all? I really didn’t want to see AJ vs Shane, and putting Sami and Braun in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal was so disappointing. However, both of those matches proved to be pretty good and quite entertaining anyway! Things were looking (mostly) up all evening!
MW: Yeah, I do and not just after 32. It wasn’t a great edition but it had enough good matches in AJ – Shane, the Ladder Match and Brock – Goldberg and memorable moments in Taker’s swansong, the Hardy’s return and Cena’s proposal that it was a good show and a good Wrestlemania. Unfortunately there were no really great matches occurring and the main matches let it down too much with the show’s brutally long run time making them feel that much worse.
What was your favourite match of Wrestlemania weekend?
VW: My favourite match has to be the NXT Tag Championship. I am a huge fan of #DIY. I love those guys so much. And the Revival are actually top guys. (Well deserved call up. Finally!) I always liked the idea of Authors Of Pain, but they weren’t really sitting well with me until this match. They looked legitimately strong. That double submission had me howling, it was so fun! And when #DIY and Revival had to do each other’s finishers together, I lost it!

MW: Has to be the NXT Tag Triple Threat Match. It told an  excellent story of all three teams having a strategy, with every team’s strengths and character being represented well. I loved the aspect of Revival and DIY working together to try and overcome Authors Of Pain and the uncertainty every step of the way in what was going to happen. Turns out it was Revival’s NXT farewell as they rightly move to the main roster.

What was your favourite moment of Wrestlemania weekend?

VW: This is probably a popular opinion, but I think my house exploded when New Day came out to announce the fourth tag team for the ladder match. They hadn’t even come out yet, and we were already screaming. Half of my guests weren’t even wrestling fans (it was my birthday, I forced my friends to come over), so I think we scared them. Hopefully, the Hardy Boyz find renewed success in the WWE. I truly wish them the best. Also a huge fan of flashy entrances. Charlotte, Seth, Roman. My jaw hit the floor, and I was swooning the whole way down the ramp.

MW: It has to the Hardy’s return. The tease from New Day was brilliantly played and I wasn’t sure it was them until their music hit. My excitement and joy we experience then reminded me why I enjoy and follow Pro Wrestling, that despite it’s sometimes predictability and varying quality, moments like that provide a surprise and enjoyment like nothing else.

What was your biggest disappointment of Wrestlemania?

 VW: Mojo was not the Battle Royal winner I wanted. After all the ups and downs Sami was going through, I was really hoping he would win. I’m a huge Sami Zayn fan. Both him and Braun had been getting weird pushes for the past few months. So to bury their feud, not give either of them a Mania match, throw them into the Battle Royal and then totally disregard them was a little messed up. Also, I’m just not a Mojo Rawley fan. Hopefully Sami gets back to the good fight in the coming weeks.
I would have also liked to see a one on one Women’s title match. I feel the matches this year were just lazy story telling to get as many women on the show to prove that there are women on the roster. I think it would be more progressive to have faith that two women can tell a good story and put on an awesome match all on their own. Sasha could have officially betrayed Bayley the week before. I think that would have been a powerful Wrestlemania match just like that.
MW: The main event matches at Wrestlemania from Triple H – Rollins up. That match was where things felt like they took a dip and the only match after that I felt delivered was Brock – Goldberg. Triple H – Rollins felt like it went too long with a lull in the middle, Taker – Reigns never fully committed to any one particular thing telling several half stories but not really paying anything off other than being a final Undertaker match. Most frustratingly Orton – Wyatt was just a boring, bland match when they needed that to be good. This was the problem last year and to get a great Wrestlemania you need the matches everyone’s watching to deliver.
Who was your MVP of Wrestlemania weekend?
VW: Seth Rollins is a trooper. He was so sick during Wrestlemania week. Pneumonia from what I hear. I don’t know what he did but he still got better enough to put on a good match with Triple H. I was getting a little worried leading up to Sunday! I thought he might just be okay enough to do about half the match they were planning. But whatever the case it was good to see that he did it!
MW: I say Matt and Jeff Hardy and that’s for working what was reportedly a brutal and excellent ladder match against The Young Bucks Saturday night for ROH then working another at Wrestlemania the next night. Not only did they turn up for it but played their parts as much as anyone, particularly with Jeff taking a sick looking dive off a giant ladder. On top of a match Friday night, the Boyz had a tough but rewarding weekend.
What’s your big hope for Wrestlemania 34?
VW: The popular speculation is that Roman with fight Brock for the Universal Title. My biggest hope is that this does not happen. I am most definitely not a Lesnar fan. I just don’t like him, and I for sure don’t want him holding the title for long. I do however, love Roman Reigns. But the more push he gets, the worse he is. The way he is being written is terrible! Forcing him in the main event picture is damaging. Maybe when he stops being The Guy, and starts actually being a Bad Guy, I’ll be okay with it.
What I’m getting at is, I hope that by next Wrestlemania Roman Reigns is getting real heel heat. Not actual hate.
MW: That we get a true marquee match. That delivers. I almost don’t care who’s involved as long as their two big names and the match actually generates something that lives up to people’s expectations. While there aren’t many names out there that could achieve that they now have Kurt Angle back in the fold who’s retirement match could do that, along with special appearances from Brock Lesnar or John Cena and there are options. But this is something WWE need for next year.
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