Retrospective Review – Power Rangers

Retrospective’s Rating:-

Enjoyability – 9/10

Characters – 6/10

Story – 6/10

Music – 5/10

Shooting – 7/10

Overall Rating = 33/50 or 3.3/5

Let’s get straight into it, the new and rebooted Power Rangers film isn’t going to win awards for an engrossing, angst filled, teen drama with long drawn out beautiful shot composition, nor does it hit the heights of a Marvel film. What Power Ranger is though is a highly enjoyable, fun trip down Nostalgia Avenue. It’s like going to Disney World in adulthood, you know it’s going to be cheesy, and silly, but the nostalgia leaves you with a smile staying on your face.


The characters are however, surprisingly fleshed out and the producers of Fantastic Four could learn something in this film. You get to know a bit about all of them, spend time with the main characters as you did in the show all the way back in the early 90s, but there is more to be desired from other characters such as Zack and Trini who we get to know a little bit but nothing in comparison to Jason and Billy, rightfully so, and to a lesser extent Kimberly. There’s certainly more to come and certainly more to see in what will be a multi-film franchise as is the trend now. 


What did come as a surprise was how well developed and used Rita Repulsa was, and something that even Marvel have had a hard time coming to terms with in most films now, developing a well produced villain that is not only a threat to the characters, but is a believable threat to the human race in the film. Even toppling Bryan Cranston’s Zordon in the first few minutes in a delightfully post-apocalyptic set piece that sets the tone for the film to come.


The story is very much the one we are all familiar with, a group of fighters are chosen by a collection of intergalactic crystals known as the Zeo Crystals that contain the power to become Power Rangers and protect the planet from intergalactic foes. The crystals chose Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack & Trini to become the new Power Rangers, which doesn’t come easy, as they have to overcome their own egos and skepticism to become their respective coloured rangers.

Overall the film is an enjoyable outing, provided you don’t take it too seriously. This is not the latest Marvel film, nor the latest DC Justice League outing, what it is, is a fun piece of action entertainment that is surprisingly well told. It is a movie that is part-Marvelesque, part-kaiju, part-Breakfast Club nostalgic trip to Angel Grove. Keep an eye out for a certain two actors who appear toward the final sequence, and stay tuned for the as always Mid-Credits Scene.

There is plenty to come in future outings and certain fan-favourite characters sure to appear later on. I’m looking at you Lord Zedd.


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