Interview: Dr Chan

Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to Dr Chan, a band coming out of the south of Paris with a sound that mixes Californian skate punk with Death Rap and  Psych. If that sounds like a unique blend, that’s because it is. But rather than try to sum it up ourselves, we spoke to the band themselves for their take on their sound, live gigs and their new album Southside Suicide.

Can’t Pause This: How would you describe yourselves as a band for anyone that hasn’t heard Dr Chan yet?

Dr Chan: We only speak to people who listen to our music and consider that others have missed out on their lives.

CPT: Are there any bands that have been a major influence on you guys?

DC: Theo, the bassist, and me like Fidlar whereas Matthieu the drummer prefers Together Pangea. There are too many other groups to list and there is a chance I will miss some so probably Fidlar is the final choice.

CPT: Do you think the rock/garage scene in Paris was an influence on the band?

DC: Of course, we want more than anything else to impress our friends.

CPT: How does Southside Suicide compare to previous releases you’ve done?

DC: This album is completely different from what we have done in the past. I consider that all our previous work was not important in comparison and for that reason our first album, Mental D’Head came out in June 2016. In the past we would write a song at a time and test in the group before moving forward but with this album I wrote it straight off without worrying what it would be like or if we would record it. At that time I used to listen to Suicide Boys, a group of Death Rap American all the time and I wanted to copy the flow of their music and then adapt it to heavy garage music. So I recorded all the instrumentals and tried to overlay it with rap and this gave me Suicide Suicide, which as it happens is a title from the Suicide boys.

CPT: Dr Chan recorded can be pretty ferocious, is that something you aim to bring to live shows?

DC: It is not our priority although we do try to have a sound that is aggressive and loud, at the same time I am quite a capricious diva and absolutely want the words in the songs to be heard. I don’t like playing loudly all the time and we try to vary our sounds and not just have a consistent loud noise. In any case we can’t come across as ferocious musicians because we look too nice.
Southside Suicide will be released through Stolen Body Records on 24th  February on CD, Vinyl and Digital.  Dr Chan will touring throughout 2017.

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