TV You Might Of Missed – Lovesick

Bizarrely originally titled “Scrotal Recall” (you’ll get why in a second) Lovesick tells the tale of Dylan (played by singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn) who finds out that he has contracted Chlamydia and now must get in contact with his previous partners to tell them that he has an STI.


The six part series is told mostly through a series of flashbacks showing how Dylan meets these women. Dylan is helped out with this difficult task of contacting the women by his best friend Luke (Daniel Ings, Pete Versus Life, Psychoville) and the women he has had a secret crush on for years, Evie (Antonia Thomas, Misfits).

Written by Tom Edge, this comedy is a modern love story that does not pull any punches about how awkward and difficult dating in the 21st Century can be. Originally dropped by Channel 4 in 2014, this series gathered a cult following and now has been picked up by Netflix for a second series that will begin airing in November for a further eight episodes.

Having a plot line based around an STI you would assume this sitcom would heavily rely on gross sex jokes, I went in thinking the exact same thing. However this show surprises you with the fact that it’s clever, likeable and sometimes even cute. All the characters and their stories feel fleshed out and engaging, no more so than the modern day will-they-wont-they Ross and Rachel storyline between Dylan and Evie.


2014 was a really interesting year for British comedy with the debut of shows like Mr Sloane, Babylon, W1A and Uncle so I feel that Lovesick was buried under really bold and impressive comedy so it didn’t get the chance it deserved, especially already having a hindrance like that original title.

However with a new more polished title and it getting that golden touch Netflix treatment this show could really hit its stride.

The first series of this infectiously (excuse the pun) funny show is now not available on Channel 4’s On Demand service “All 4” but it is available to view on Netflix with the second series premiering on Netflix on November 17th.


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