Interview: Yama Warashi

On November 11th Bristol based psychedelia/jazz band Yama Warashi release their debut album Moon Egg on Stolen Body Records. A true mix of folk, jazz, electric psychedelia and african rhythm, to find out more about this unique blending of styles, I had the pleasure of catching up with founder and lead vocalist Yoshino Shigihara to talk about the band and Moon Egg.

Can’t Pause This: What was it that inspired you to start Yama Warashi?

Yoshino: I was already making a few tunes a few years back but never had a vision of making proper band since I was in a busy band back then. It was just like a hobby, an enjoyable thing to do, I never really wrote songs myself before so it was like a practice. Then when I started playing with some friends, quite a few people I didn’t even know told me that the music moved them. So I thought, wow that’s amazing, I would like to make more songs and play more gigs. Just like teenagers starting a band.

CPT: Was the process of making this album an enjoyable one?

Y: Yes it was. I had two months off work for writing and recording tunes. I set up the keyboards and drums in our living room and was writing all day- sometimes I went out to the park to climb trees and write lyrics. It was very limited time to write 10 tunes in one and a half months and record in two weeks, I think it would be good to have more time next time. But this time it’s all worked out. All my bandmates are so amazing, they would come into the studio and just lay down amazing stuff they just made up on the spot for each song. I am so lucky to have these great people playing with me.

CPT: Is there significant change since the last release?

Y: Yes, the last EP was mostly old songs I wrote few years back. I was doing solo stuff so I made tunes with loop pedals. Mostly the same band members are playing on the EP but we didn’t gig much before the recording and it’s much more minimalistic and mellow. This album has a bigger sound and more rocky, also more of the collaboration with each bandmates.

CPT: Is there an overarching theme for the album?

Y: As title suggests, definitely ‘MOON’ is one thing, but MOON EGG is about delusion and hope, so it’s not only about the mother nature MOON. Also lots about complicated relationships between human, animals, nature and spirits.

CPT: What do you hope a live audience gets when they see Yama Warashi on your tour?

Y: As a band, each of us has got unique character and a way to play. I would like the audience to enjoy watching each band member’s talent. Also we are friendly bunch, please come to say hi if you enjoyed the music 🙂

Yama Warashi will be touring the UK throughout November and Moon Egg is available direct through Stolen Body Records.


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