The Life, The Death, and The Life of Jinsei Shinzaki.

This match should quickly become a favorite to just about everyone. In one corner, you have a living legend, The Great Muta; a wrestling god. Known for his face paint, the “Muta Scale” which is a measurement on how much you bleed in the ring ie: The Great Muta vs. Hiroshi Hase, the shining wizard, and his patented “Green Mist”. In the other corner, you have Jinsei Shinzaki. Jinsei is quite a brute, with amazing agility and speed. He was formally know as Hakushi in the WWF where he had a brief feud with “The Excellence of Execution” Bret Hart.

Before the match starts, both Muta and Shinzaki have amazing entrances to the ring. Shinzaki in his all white attire, slowly pacing down the aisle with extreme focus, carrying his staff and a board. Out next is Muta, this is one of the most bad ass looking outfits of his entire career, in my opinion. He’s in an all black robe, with a metal dragon figure around his neck, and a nasty looking demon mask. The Japanese commentators immediately start to scream with excitement and shock. They are both in the ring staring each other down and you can sense this is going to be a great fight. Shinzaki ties his board to the ring post and Muta spits his mist in the air; we are now in for some classic Puroresu.

jinzei-mutaMuta is quick on the attack after the bell, hitting his handspring back elbow and immediately followed by his back spinning kick, knocking Shinzaki to the outside. Shinzaki is back on his feet, hopping up to the ring apron, grabbing Muta’s hand and jumping to the top rope. He begins to walk on the top rope, only to drop his famed jumping chop. The two slow the match down a bit with several chokes and strikes until Muta knocks Shinzaki off the ring apron over the guardrail into the commentators table, where he then delivers a vicious piledriver. Being the heel he is, Muta grabs Jinsei’s board and snaps it in half. Shinzaki is busted open and Muta starts to attack him with the splintered edge of the board. This is where the match and the story of Jinsei Shinzaki takes a turn. Muta takes Shinzuki’s blood and writes “death” on the board. The commentator belts out “DDDEEEAAAATTTTHHHHHH,” and the crowed is ecstatic and amazed that Muta has taken this match to such lengths to “take the life” of Jinsei. The match goes on and is a back and fourth match for the most part, ending with Muta getting the win after a moonsault.

This leads up to one of the coolest stories in Pro Wrestling history. After his match with Muta, Jinsei’s character is dead (RIP). No one had seen Jinsei, until a little over a year later, during a Michinoku Pro match. Masked men are carrying a coffin down to the ring in a pitch black arena, while a very soft, dreadful music is playing. The men lay the coffin, which has a massive bright, white cross on the top of it, into the ring. When they remove the lid, smoke flows from it and then The Undertaker’s music starts. He makes his legendary walk to the ring and as he stands on the apron you see a lifeless body laying in the ring. You can see The Undertaker‘s confused and a little horrifed. The bell rings, and the lifeless body makes a slow rise, it is none other than Jinsei Shinzaki himself who looks to be in some sort of zombie trance. He’s still in his blood soaked clothes from his match with Muta. The Undertaker instantly hit him with a choke slam; which would normally put just about anyone out, but he slowly stands back up. He lays in hit after hit, slam after slam, inside and out of the ring and he keeps getting up. The Undertaker is beside himself not knowing what to do, but while the Undertaker is confused about what to do with his opponent, Shinzaki start to mount a comeback. Hitting several solid kicks and a great hurricanrana, but after he misses a diving headbutt, The Undertaker throws him up for the Tombstone Piledriver and gets the win. The arena becomes dark with a purple glow as ‘taker does his exit, but in the smoke of the arena, the masked men return with the coffin and toss Shinzaki’s body back into it and slowly walk away.

jinzei-takerThe story can go several ways about why The Undertaker came to Michinoku Pro, out of all the promotions in the world. Whether it be that WWF had a working relationship with MichPro and they used it for a talent swap, or its just a mere coincidence. What I like is that Jinsei character was killed off by Muta and was resurrected by The Undertaker to a zombie like state, to be what looked like someone being a slave to the wrestling world. Mounting almost no attacks or holds, just some slow attacks and very few moves but nothing stopped him but the Tombstone, a move that is a reference to death.

I love the many possibilities of this storyline and that this is definitely a story that can only happen in the world of Professorial Wrestling.

Lee West/The Finger Poke of Doom Podcast

Twitter: @fngrpokeofdoom
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