Goldeneye: Source – Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

So, as most followers of the site know, I’ve recently managed to acquire a half decent gaming rig for the first time in many years. Needless to say I’m enjoying the huge variety of titles that the PC platform has to offer, however, the title I’ve spent a large majority of my time with since purchasing my system is a classic remake released December 26, 2005 – Goldeneye: Source.

Goldeneye: Source is a rebuild of the multiplayer aspects from the Nintendo 64 classic, it uses the Source engine and features a host of classic levels from the iconic original, including redesigns of fan favourites amongst many, many more.

The attention to detail within these rebuilt levels is outstanding, with the control room in the all new Bunker level being a true highlight. Additional sections have been built within select maps adding areas that were seen in the film but weren’t playable in the original game – the cafeteria area of the new Facility level and the all-new Casino level: lifted straight from 2006’s Casino Royale, is a great example of this.

Nostalgia aside, Goldeneye: Source plays excellently, retaining many of the original game modes; as well as offering a few new ones – most notably the insanely fun Arsenal – A free-for-all mode where players begin with the most powerful weapon in the game and for each kill they are forced to use progressively weaker weapons until the final weapon, the hunting knife. Whoever kills an opponent with the hunting knife then wins the round.

The action is fast paced and frantic; this is due, in part to a lack of cross hairs on the players screen (unless you hold the right click button at a movement speed penalty) and an increase of speed to crouched players – this makes for incredibly entertaining and engaging firefights where skill level truly comes into play.

Goldeneye: Source retains the same feelings of overall calamity, nostalgia and pure enjoyment of the Nintendo 64 couch FPS, whilst offering a completely fresh and varied take on proceedings.

GE:S is well worth checking out and I’d advise anybody that harbours fond memories of the original and/or a desire for first person shooters in general to give this one a go.

Have you played Goldeneye: Source? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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