MacMillan GameChangers

On the 5-6 of August of a team of 11 guys from Dorset, England took part in a 24 hour charity gaming marathon.

Staying awake for more then 24 hours is a very hard task in itself; let alone playing  video games solidly throughout! Due to today’s online focused gaming This entire event could of been held with everyone in their own house, but where is the fun in that? There is nothing like face to face team rivalry!

This was my first time organising a charity event let alone one with so much that could potentially go wrong. We had to consider what equipment was needed, organising a venue (for free), parking, health and safety issues, bandwidth (upload and download speed), food / drink, seating, power (you don’t wanna blow the venues circuits), consoles / PC themselves and the games to be played.


Even with all this stacked against us, a last minute change of location (due to poor internet connectivity) and a smashed monitor (don’t ask.) I’m very proud to say that the Macmillan Game Changers went as well as I’d hoped; better even, with the donations steadily streaming in as we progressed through the night with some coming from as far as Australia and America. We finished on a grand total of £374.98 and managed to broadcast the entire event on YouTube for the world to catch up on.


To keep that team rivalry going throughout the twenty four hours, I had everyone split into two teams, namely team Can’t Pause This and team Teamy McTeamface; having them compete against each other with forfeits for the losing team.

We had some incredibly funny moments from the forfeits, including me almost breaking my jaw as I forgot to take the skin off an onion before eating it. Other forfeits included chilli sauce shots, finding chocolate in flour with your mouth, leg waxing and many more (I’d highly recommend you check it out on YouTube.)

We had so many great games being played throughout the night including prolonged sessions of Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Battlefield, Left for Dead, Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted, Gears of War, Halo and time spent with many more. At one point we even had Dan playing a selection of retro games on his Raspberry Pi and Jack playing Wii games at 1080p on the Dolphin emulator.

Big Thank You to Dean Lovell-Payne for letting us hold the event in your house with only 5 minutes notice!!

Biggest thank you to everyone who donated to #MacmillanCancerSupport this is a charity that is well worth the effort for! if anyone would like to donate please click on this link

2016 – Hall Of Fame

Jack Young – Abusedjack, Dan Robert – OcarinaOfDan, Marcus Wood – FTW2000, George Vogt – Vster19, Callum Chivers – ChaosAwakens, David Gentry – DaveyBassline, Grant James – Jak3 Jam3s, Andrew Young – AndyPog, Mark Potter – CptRandyBadger, Steven Carter – SKarTaZ and George Grey – g30rg3 G

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