Bits Of The Big Apple: A Look At New York Comic Con 2016

New York Comic Con has been and gone for another year and now the dust has settled I thought I’d take a look at some of the most important and most interesting stuff to come out of the big apple.

Iron Fist

One of the big reveals from NYCC was Marvel’s Iron Fist complete with teaser trailer.

Iron Fist will be the last show in the Netflix Marvel Series before Defenders is released, which will bring together all of the main characters for a team up, the Avengers of the Netflix shows essentially. Iron Fist has a lot to live up to as every Marvel series on Netflix so far has been of a very high standard and generally well received.  While it was represented at the Marvel panel,  as has become tradition for the Netflix shows, Iron Fist got it’s own panel which ensured plenty came out about it. Among the picks is that the start of the show focuses on Danny Rand’s return to New York City having been missing for 10 years and presumed dead. Also there will be much Kung-Fu fighting, as evidenced by the trailer and clips shown which brings Rand in to conflict with Harold Meachum who in his words used a mix of the comics and “captains of industry” to bring the series villain to life. All indications so far seem to be that Iron Fist will meet the high level set by the previous shows.

Madefire: Virtual Reality Comics

Despite all the big players being present at NYCC, some of the biggest crowds were at Madefire’s booth, unsurprising when they were presenting a true headline grabber: Virtual Reality Comics. Users wear a VR headset which turns the panels into a three dimensional projection. The NYCC demo featured DC’s Injustice Gods Among Us, complete with sound and musical effects. While there are still questions around the equipment and whether the innovation is really a benefit to the art form of comics but early reports from the NYCC demo were positive so at this stage only time will tell.


Another superhero series, this time coming from Fox, half of the pilot was shown at NYCCto whet the appetite. Legion will be Fox’s first foray into TV with their Marvel comic book properties but how related it is to the cinematic X-Men universe is still, well, unclear. Producer Shuler Donner (who produces the X-Men movies) said “It is far away from the X-Men movies and yet it still lives within that universe.” What’s also unclear is the level of Marvel Studios involvement but it does mark Fox and Marvel’s first collaboration since Marvel Studios began eight years ago, with Marvel’s head of TV Jeph Loeb presence at the panel a demonstration of that. Legion looks like something we haven’t seen before in the superhero medium with the main character, David, beginning the show in a psychiatric institution suffering mental illness and the show playing fast and loose with time and reality. Definitely one to watch out for by all indications so far.

The Walking Dead

It just wouldn’t be comic-con news without The Walking Dead info and New York had it in spades. The comic books were covered by a sit-down panel with creator Robert Kirkman and editor Sean Mackiewicz that went into Walking Dead lore and creative stories including the fact Glenn and Negan were supposed to die sooner and how George Romero’s work inspired the creation of the series. As for the tv show it was confirmed viewers will find out in the season 7 premiere who Negan kills, season 7 will be expansive including more of King Ezekiel and that Negan will be worse that the Governor of season 3.

Sideshow Collectables

This year all the major statue makers were present at NYCC and Sideshow Collectables, who don’t also come to New York, brought an impressive array. While an entire page  could be written about Sideshow and Kotobuyika’s NYCC showings, I just want to mention it here as toys are such a big part of the show and Sideshow were one of the major highlights. Releases being previewed were a large new Star Wars range and Marvel and DC products. For a brand renowned for quality this was upheld this year as the detail on many of these products was amazing.



I nearly left Trollhunters off of this list until I saw that rather than a one off movie it is infact a tv series. To add to the fact it is a fantasy cgi animated series it is being helmed by none other than Guillermo Del Toro. Add in Kelsey Grammer and Ron Perlman as voice actors and it’s certainly got names behind it. The first two episodes were screened at NYCC and reports were that it is family friendly but entertaining for adults too both in it’s humour and action scenes, that familiar Pixar formula for success. Potentially something ground breaking coming.

Best Of The Rest

Included in DC’s panel this year was information on the upcoming Justice League Dark Animated movie. One of DC’s more original concepts, this animated adaptation will star John Constantine (voiced by Matt Ryan of the live action tv show), Zatanna and Swamp Thing among others aiding Batman in ridding Gotham of demonic forces. At New York a lot was learned about specific incarnations of the characters along with a few clips shown but the big news was that DC’s animated universe is going full speed ahead as along with Teen Titans: Judas Contract out next year there is a Wonder Woman animated film in the works and will be a sequel to Justice League Dark, provided this one does well. Something that did catch my eye was Card Against Humanity’s NYCC presentation. While there wasn’t new products announced or released, as well as hosting a panel where audience members could suggest new cards, CAH went into the causes they supported/contributed to including their college scholarship, funding local podcasts and contributing working space to other creatives. Worth checking out the good that a slightly controversial company does. While there was a panel from Stranger Things but there was no real revelations about Season Two other than the fact Barb is definitely dead. Sorry guys but the exact words of David Harbour (who played Chief Hopper) were “I can assure you that Barb is very much dead”.

That was just a sliver of what came out of New York Comic Con 2016 but if there was something you think is missing off the list, shout out in the comments below.


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