The Get Down: Netflix’s Exhilarating Musical Experience

Refreshing, colourful, loud, messy: it captures the Disco atmosphere with perfection. Yes, the contrived plot and poorly tied dialogue might be a let down, but the powerful performances of newly born stars will make you wanna find out, what is The Get Down?


Legendary Grandmaster Flash will let you in on the secret. Spoiler alert, it will make you feel like partying.

This revolutionary piece of entertainment is starred by Justice Smith, who shares the spotlight with stunning, energetic Herizen Guardiola. Smith plays the role of a school-smart and street smart kid, Ezekiel Figuero, while Guardiola incarnates Mylene Cruz, the only woman who could ever teach him, the daughter of a preacher man.

Shameik Moore gives life to Shaolin Fantastic, another character worth the mentioning, since it is impossible not to be mesmerized by the actor’s moves — or looks, you hear me ladies.

Simply put, the show is about the earliest days of hip-hop, a throwback to the coked-up 70’s. We get to see a new sound being born on the streets, sprouting slowly in the shade of the disco-mania.

If you are a fan of contemporary black music you will love it, but even if it’s not your jam, you can still enjoy it. It is an innovative way of making television, teaching us about an innovative way of making music.

Images courtesy of Netflix

It might be argued that the show sugar-coats life in the crime-ridden Bronx but, fact is, The Get Down is not about suffering and being oppressed, it is about thriving and rising above the difficulties. It is a feel good show, even if it comes with quite a dose of drama.

If you haven’t done it yet, give it a chance, you’ll be left wondering, where did Netflix find so many gifted kids to shoot to stardom?


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