Goldeneye: Source – Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

Goldeneye: Source is a rebuild of the multiplayer aspects from the Nintendo 64 classic, it uses the Source engine and features a host of classic levels from the iconic original, including redesigns of fan favourites amongst many, many more.


Virginia – Indie Games’ new cult darling

Virginia is a game that lends itself to spoilers. It is full of nuanced movements, emotionally charged silence, and stunning storytelling. It hit me right in the chest. It delves into parts of human life which we often shun, and parts we wish to embrace. It effortlessly brings us close to characters who do not…

MacMillan GameChangers

Even with all this stacked against us, a last minute change of location (due to internet connection) and a smashed monitor (you watch this YouTube clip to see the monitor break). I’m very proud to say that the Macmillan Game Changers went as well as I’d hoped; better even.

Bits Of The Big Apple: A Look At New York Comic Con 2016

New York Comic Con has been and gone for another year and now the dust has settled I thought I’d take a look at some of the most important and most interesting stuff to come out of the big apple. Iron Fist One of the big reveals from NYCC was Marvel’s Iron Fist complete with…

The Get Down: Netflix’s Exhilarating Musical Experience

Refreshing, colourful, loud, messy: it captures the Disco atmosphere with perfection. Yes, the contrived plot and poorly tied dialogue might be a let down, but the powerful performances of newly born stars will make you wanna find out, what is The Get Down? Legendary Grandmaster Flash will let you in on the secret. Spoiler alert,…