Seven Current WWE Wrestlers That Deserve More Respect

The Big Show

I’ll kick things off with the big guy. Paul Randall Wright, The Big Show.


Show is the consummate professional. Always has been and always will be. Fans and smarks alike often get on Show’s case about his performances, relevancy and the inconsistencies with his character.

Is he a bad guy? Is he a good guy? He’s whomever creative makes him. It’s also his downfall, which has become a running joke. One week he’s a heel and the next he’s a face.

After listening to him on Stone Cold’s Podcast, it’s hard to hate him. He genuinely believes in the product and is willing to get over his own personal ego to put over other talents, even taking a
legitimate bare knuckle punch to the face by one of the best boxers of all time.

His best work has come within the tag division, with Jericho being a personal highlight. My pick is that he will be partnered with the new ‘monster’ of WWE Braun Strowman.


Kane is another big man, who doesn’t get enough respect.


Kane has been around for years. Nearly two full decades have passed since he ripped the door of the very first Hell in a Cell to cost the Undertaker the match against Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood.

Since then he’s been repackaged as a mute monster who had been horrifically burned, had his mask taken off by Triple H, placed in and out of tag teams, the Katie Vick fiasco, his best role as one half of ‘Team Hell No’ with Daniel Bryan and most recently as Corporate Kane.

Kane has always been a solid worker who puts in the effort wherever needed and played whichever role creative feed him, which often becomes repetitive, how many times do we need to see him bury Undertaker?

Simply put, Kane deserves the respect of a well-rounded veteran who has put over many talents most recently Seth Rollin
s and has fostered himself as a leader in the locker room without running the show on TV or in the ring.

The Devil’s Favourite Demon is most definitely a future Hall of Famer and deserves one final championship run.


Dustin Runnels has been around for two decades and has run with everything and anything creative has given him.Goldust-and-Marlena

Goldust as a character has been completely transcendent. Breaking away from something completely different to his father and embracing the slightly effeminate, creepy and sexualized persona that is, was and always has been Goldust, Mr Runnels has put his name into wrestling history all by his own accord.

His first three years were the peak of his career having some great matches with The Rock, Bret Hart, Undertaker and Mick Foley. Lately he’s been seen as something of a journey man having wrestled in and out of WWE a number of times, he always seems to come back to his home.

Lately his run with Truth has been painstaking and really hasn’t been able to hit the heights that he should have. From what I can tell Golden Truth seems to be an updated version of Booker & Goldust’s famous tag run back in 2002 without the natural chemistry and hilarity.cody_rhodes_and_goldust_by_mr_igfx-d6qzdur

He is a natural athlete and despite his personal demons he has endeared himself to the WWE Universe time and time again. Our only wish apart from a championship run is to see Goldust vs Cody at WrestleMania.

Heath Slater

I wasn’t a fan of Heath Slater for a long time. I liked him in 3MB and his early run but then he became something of a nuisance. 


Lately however, being the bright spark in #SocialOutcasts and his role in the past few weeks as the worlds #HottestFreeAgent Slater has grown on me and I’ve learned to appreciate the hell out of what he does as a performer.

I give you two reasons why Mr ONE MAN BAAAND should be respected.

He is a natural performer and athlete. He gives it his all each and every time he steps through the ropes, but is willing to always play the butt of the joke or be put out by various superstars or legends, for what? The entertainment of the crowd. He is this years Damien Sandow (how sorely he is missed.)

Secondly, he is a great mic worker. WWE is blessed with some amazing talkers and promo guys; Jericho, Enzo, The New Day etc, but Slater ranks high up on the list. He rarely, if ever, botches his promos, and as someone who’s been a mouthpiece for many groups he has a natural charisma that carries through.

I hope creative see this and don’t let him go to waste like many others. Is he championship material, probably not, but let him run riot on TV and give him a decent tag team partner and you’ll have gold.

Erick Rowan

Everyone understands The Wyatts. Bray is the best performer and talker, Harper is a great technician and fighter, Strowman is a strongman who has now gone his separate way, but Erick Rowan seems to be the black sheep (pun, most definitely intended) of the family.

Having split the Wyatts up last year Rowan has a strange push as a face competitor, whilst Harper got some action in the Intercontinental division, Rowan kind of pottered around and helped John Cena from time to time.

He is perfect as the guy in the back, the enforcer, and though we are yet to actually see him carry a story on his own, I’m sure if given the opportunity he would have learned a thing or two from Bray.

As a performer and a big man, he is incredibly gifted. He can pull moves off that even smaller guys would struggle and he’s a very good worker in ring, selling well, and putting up great performances. It’s no coincidence that he has been a part of some of WWE’s best matches in the past five years (notably with The Shield) and recently was pinned by The Rock at WrestleMania. That said, they gave him the spotlight to go one-on-one with The Great One despite losing in less than 30 seconds.

I hope given SmackDown’s thinned roster that he gets pushed back into the tag division with the returning Harper. I can imagine them putting on some great matches with American Alpha. That said I’d be happy to see him in the Intercontinental picture too.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, The Rock’s cousin, not the bad guy, not the good guy, but just THE guy.

It is cool to give shit to Roman Reigns.

Smarks everywhere like to get on at him claiming his inability to wrestle, his limited move set, and his average mic skills. That said is he really THAT bad?

I’d argue that the cynical nature of the WWE IWC is t
hat they cannot simply see one guy doing the best he can.

He’s a consummate athlete, he looks great, is strong and has natural charisma. He is WWE’s perfect monster, whether he’s a face or a heel, he’d be gold.

During the now infamous Royal Rumble, in which Mick Foley declared he would put a baseball bat through his TV if Daniel Bryan did not win (spoiler alert: he didn’t) Roman Reigns was winning fans with his record-breaking performance, overthrowing Kane’s eliminations record in a single Rumble. The fan’s loved him and would have jumped on board had he won. Instead was eliminated by Batista.


As WWE champion he’s put in some great performances against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, yet is still booed out of the building. Vince seems to have let go of his fascination with pushing Reigns, which could be a good thing. His feud with Rusev could have been something special as both guys can put on a show, but what transpired at SummerSlam was both confusing and awful. Let the two get it on and have a match to prove to the world they can go.

My tip for Reigns is repackage him as a dominant monster, heel or otherwise. Just let him loose and give him a run with the U.S. Championship. Let him have an open challenge reign and change the minds of everyone like John Cena did.

John Cena

Speaking of John Cena.

Our final entry is the man himself.


Once and always WWE’s main man, Vince’s chosen money-maker, Cena has become a fan favorite to all children under the age of 15 and everyone’s favorite superstar to hate for anyone over that age.

It is quite frankly stupid, and indecent to give the man that sort of reaction. Yes, it’s a fan’s right to boo or cheer someone and it’s creative’s job to adapt to those reactions, however, you will never find a more consummate professional than John Cena.

During the Dark Period of WWE history (2010-12) Cena carried the flag for the company, and had a great rivalry with Wade Barrett and Nexus. But he was still too squeaky clean and PG rated. The older fans were feeling isolated and left out, which is why Daniel Bryan became the revolution that he did, and Punk was an interesting counter to Cena’s bubblegum persona.95327dffdaaeec03e141418ecc62f8bd

I didn’t respect Cena until he started his U.S. Championship Open Challenge, where each and every week, without fail he’d put on a MOTY contender. Against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Neville, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose, until he lost it against Del Rio due to an injury.

His rivalry with AJ has been great television to watch, they both know what it means to run the place, and every match they have had has been a 5 Star.

Where to go with him now, I’m not so sure, he probably has another few title runs in him, but it’d be nice to see him put over more new talents and I personally would love to see Cena go one-on-one with Shinsuke Nakamura.


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