Why We Need A Women’s Cage Match and Soon

We need a Women’s Cage match and soon. It doesn’t even have to be a Cage match, it could be a ladder match or a street fight or a tables match. It does need to be soon though.

The reason I say this is that we’re now really entering a great time for women’s wrestling with the talent pool both in the WWE and the wider industry maybe as deep as it’s ever been. The stand out talents at the top of the industry are there too with the women who have come up from NXT taking women’s wrestling to a level it hasn’t seen since the early 2000’s when Lita, Trish Stratus and others were doing standout work. This leads into my point, to take it beyond that level and really fulfil the potential we have here, there needs to be a big Women’s Stipulation match of some kind.


Time for the disclaimers, yes I realise women are involved in various stipulation matches every week on the indie scene and do a great job but to accomplish what I’m talking about this needs to be on the big stage of WWE. Like it or not WWE is the face of pro wrestling and is the benchmark for the industry in a number of ways. It’s also the place the major women’s talent is right now so is where it could be done to full effect in terms of the stage and the stars involved.

Also I realise WWE have had a women’s cage match before with Lita Vs Victoria in 2003 on Raw. It was a good match and definitely worth checking out if only to see how a cage match can be done without brutality but still making use of the stipulation. Like it or not WWE is PG now and can’t portray these stipulation matches the way they previously have done. But that hasn’t stopped the matches happening with the men and I believe it may actually help as it will mean less of a division in how a women’s match might go compared to a men’s. The issue with the Lita-Victoria match is that it was thirteen years and it was on Raw with no real build, arrived at via Raw Roulette if anyone remembers that. The match I want needs to be on a PPV show as the culmination of a feud.

When Paige moved up to the main roster it seemed like a stipulation match could factor into her feud with AJ Lee, as it was thought they’d be producing matches we hadn’t seen the like of in ten years. Unfortunately whether it was lack of chemistry or something else, the two of them couldn’t match the hopes or expectations fans had for their feud so any match type beyond the normal became out of the question. It has to be two performers who can really do the business with each other in the ring and it has to wind up a long, personal feud. More so than the lack of blood, the thing that has hurt stipulation matches for WWE is overuse which has devalued them. Having a Hell In A Cell match just because that’s the time of the year has made that match type mean far less than when they came around rarely, only used to settle violent, hate filled feuds.

It’s why I fully believe a combination of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley can pull it off. They’ve shown the ability to make us believe in their feuds underlined by Sasha Banks and Bayley’s epic.

But they can also deliver in the ring with Banks and Bayley making that clear with the first ever Women’s Ironman match. But it’s why this match has to be soon, the outstanding talent is there, fan attention is there with the energy of the “Divas Revolution” not totally dead yet and some stand out characters who seem to be breaking ground constantly. If the match doesn’t happen soon but does still happen that would be fine, however it likely won’t mean as much and won’t be as good than if it was done now.

A major stipulation match such as a cage match could give women’s wrestling a legitimacy it’s never had, with any stigma of there being an area of wrestling women can’t do gone in an instant. I think it’s much needed and in an age of women’s MMA being a major draw the opportunity has never been so available. So come on, let’s have a real Women’s Revolution and soon.





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