16 Years Later – A Final Fantasy IX Retrospective.

Final Fantasy IX was the first game I ever completed, the first game I bought for myself. The first game that made me think: “Wow. Nothing will ever compare to this.”

To this day, nothing has.


Sega Mega Memories – Top 5

Following its launch period and the subsequent years thereafter, a number of stellar titles found their way to the Mega Drive over it’s seven year tenure, a tenure which held so many fond memories and unrivaled nostalgia for both myself and many other like-minded Sega supporters.

Can’t Draft This 2016

It’s finally the night of the WWE Draft 2016, the event that will once again separate Raw and Smackdown into two separate brands and, crucially, two separate rosters. To mark the occasion we decided to have our own draft, playing the parts of the GM’s of Raw and Smackdown, choosing talent to assemble the best…

Tomb-tastic in Retrospect?

At the time of release many people; myself included, declared Tomb Raider 3 to be the absolute in video gaming “it doesn’t get better than this” I could hear myself saying as I loaded up that first level.