An Interview With Kult Creations

At the recent Bournemouth Film & Comic Con I had the chance to get introduced to Kult Creations, an independent comic book publisher blazing their own trail in the comic world by putting out a variety of original work.

I had the opportunity to ask Writer John A. Short about Kult Creations, their latest series and superpowers in Vietnam.

Kult Characters illo

 M: Hi, can you tell me a bit about yourself and Kult Creations please?

 John: We are Kult Creations and my name is John A Short and I write everything for Cult Creations. But each project is drawn by a different artist. I try and adapt my writing style to the artist of each project. So some of it is very serious like the Six Penny Murder, which is based on a true story about a Victorian street crime. Then we have things like the clock strikes which is a revival of the first ever masked hero in comic books and that’s kind of film noir style.

M: A kind of throwback to the Spirit and that ilk?

J: Yeah, exactly. The plot first appeared in 1936 before Superman or Batman and now it’s in the public domain so we thought we’d do a revival in the era and do a film noir style take on it. But then we have things that are as light hearted as Cross which is the first ever female vicar action hero who’s up against an army of Nazi Zombies in the first one so it’s bonkers, off the wall stuff which couldn’t be further from Six Penny Murder and I like the fact that if you get different artists then the writer can do things that are absolutely chalk and cheese.

M: I guess it’s absolutely a case of something for everyone. So the new release is Armageddon Patrol, can you tell us what that’s about?

J: Sure, it’s what if Superheroes had been drafted and sent to the Vietnam War on the American side. It’s a bit like if the X-Men woke up one morning and the draft cards for all of them had landed on their door mat and they all had to go off whether they wanted to or not and fight in the Vietnam War because that’s what happened to American teenagers during the Vietnam War so it was a great parallel, another way to talk about the Vietnam War and War in general and you could also parallel the fact that there was a real superpower in that War which was America but for all their technology and for all their money, all their helicopters and Napalm they still lost and I liked that you could talk about all that in Armageddon Patrol by dressing it up as a Superhero story.

M: I guess when you throw superpowers into the situation, it raises some different questions about war and the superhero genre itself.

J: Yeah, it asks how useful superpowers would actually be, for example if you had a force field, is it actually anymore useful than just wearing some bullet proof material and a helmet.

M: Well it’s something I’ve never seen before so I’d be interested in the answer to that.

J: I liked the idea that the Americans think it’s a great idea but is it? Actually is it going to make it better or worse, what would it actually do? I haven’t got anyone in it with the sort of powers of Superman or anything like that so they are more like the X-Men level of power.

AP poster 2011

M: So what’s coming up, is it more Armageddon Patrol or moving on to other things?

J: Well for Cross, the female vicar action hero, the artist has the script for the second issue. The Clock Strikes, which is drawn by Vincent Danks, at the moment he is drawing some projects for Titan Comics but he wants to get back and do some more on the clock strikes and we hope to have enough for a book so we’ll see how that goes. Sort of professionally what I’m doing at the moment, I’m writing a strip for Aces Weekly, David Lloyd’s online comic and I regularly do a strip in Mayfair the gentlemen’s magazine which I’ve been doing for the last five or six years so lots of things going on.

Visit for more information and to purchase any of kult creations releases.



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