Deadpool. The cinematic introduction to a comic book icon.

Here I am, a little late to the party admittedly; however, I’ve just returned from our local cinema after watching the latest Marvel property introduced to the big screen.

It must be said that 20th Century Fox have had a patchy record with their efforts of bringing comic book characters to life but with as much bang for your buck as any fans of the Deadpool character would expect, the chimichanga chewing, expletive spewing Deadpool is finally here and boy, is it a fun ride.


Expertly brought to life by the ever charismatic Ryan Reynolds, it seems the character may also be here to stay; keep an eye out for the post credits scene for more on that.

Needless to say, I haven’t enjoyed a Marvel film as much as this since the brilliant Winter Solider hit in the spring of 2014. Reynolds energy, genuine likability and comic timing make the character and his subsequent story an absolute treat to watch.

During the lead up to its release the revelation of the film receiving a  15 certificate here in the UK was somewhat of a surprise to say the least. Concerns were also raised as to whether the essence of the character; the language, dark humour, violence (and to a lesser extent) the nudity would be cut from the films theatrical release. Thankfully the 15 certificate causes absolutely no issues whatsoever and despite this rating, Deadpool truly captures the feel and essence of the character that we all love and cherish so strongly.

As it is his first solo cinematic outing; the story of Deadpool is that of an expected origin variety. Occasionally switching between modern day action scenes and cutting back to the super-heroic beginnings of Wade Wilson until finally catching up with the super villainous showdown in Deadpool’s third act. This alters the generic three act formula slightly as seen in most Marvel titles; which is a welcome change.

However, it must be said that the supporting cast are all somewhat overshadowed by Reynolds performance; that is all bar Ed Skrein, who portrays the films main antagonist, Francis.

With typical British villain gusto that we have seen in numerous cinema screens across the years, Skrein brings a decidedly charismatic and charming dark side to the proceedings.

I can’t recommend Deadpool highly enough for a laugh-a-minute, fourth wall breaking, innuendo laden one hundred and forty minutes.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.



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